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The beta OMB Policy Library includes excerpts from policies issued by the White House. This project is part of our ongoing efforts to make it easier to find and understand policy.

This site does not include a comprehensive list of OMB policies. We are adding select policies on a rolling basis and working with users to make the site more useful. Tell us what you think!


The information appearing on this website is for general informational purposes only, intended to supplement official resources, including the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) website ( This website does not provide legal advice to any individual or entity; establish, modify, or interpret any OMB policies; serve as a decision-making tool or a compliance check-list; or provide a comprehensive set of requirements applicable to agencies. This website should not be cited as the source of any policies or requirements. Consult with your agency’s legal counsel before taking any action based in whole or part on information appearing on this site or any site to which it may be linked. We also urge you to conduct a thorough review of all relevant requirements applicable to you.

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